First Post : Road to Rach’s

Hi everyone!  Thank you for choosing to read my blog! (:

This is a blog dedicated to my new life journey, experiences, thoughts, interests, and all of the endeavors I hope to pursue.  I closed myself off to so many people before, that I am choosing to be more open through writing in this blog. Here is a little about me and why I chose to leave my comfort zone.

Inspiration to Write
Everyone has a story, or struggles at some point in their life.  I choose to not let my past define me, but only strengthen myself as a person.  My roots are in the Midwest and I am so fortunate and humbled to have the best family in the entire world to support my dreams and love me for me.  I stick to my family values and I hope to never lose site of who I am and where I come from.

I recently moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue my dreams.  I wanted to move to a city with a lot of interesting opportunities I might want to pursue, be surrounded by creative and open-minded people, and live where there are beautiful people and sunshine!  My passions are travel, meeting new people, fashion, music, and food.  I am very indecisive and I question every move I make (I think it is the Gemini in me. I annoy myself.).  Usually when I have this crazy idea, I go for it and then try to figure it out as I go.  If I sit around and think about an idea, then I talk myself out of it.  So, I came up with this crazy idea to fly away to the city of angels and figure out life as I go.

Life’s Little Uncertainties
Like I said, I am a planner, so it was very bold and risky of me to take this leap.  I moved to LA without ever visiting, without a job lined up, no apartment, roommate, or mutual relationships.  A lot of people think I am crazy for this.  I would have to agree, but I like to keep life interesting and I HATE to be bored.  I wanted to move as far away as possible to start brand new and fresh.  I was not running away from anything, but my intentions were I wanted to grow up away from home.  I wanted to see new things, experience another atmosphere, connect with people, feel new emotions, and gain more independence than I ever have before.  It is kind of something I cannot explain, I just knew I had to make this transition in my life.

But, there have been times of uncertainty, which makes me start thinking about why I decided to move in the first place.  They say it takes up to one to two years before you can find yourself more settled into LA.  They also say that it is very hard to form relationships with people because it is such a big city; Which often times leads to loneliness.  Throughout this whole journey I have had to have the upmost patience and optimism to put myself out there to meet new people and find passionate work.

Luckily, I have made a few acquaintances, found a roommate and an apartment, and mastered LA traffic (yay me!).  I forgot to mention that I had to go shopping for apartment furniture, which was a nightmare.  I have also steered clear of any parking sign that has four signs stacked on top of each other that may read, “No Parking’ ‘No Parking between 8am and 1 pm’ ‘No Parking between 5pm-8pm’ or “No parking parking unless you have parking permit”.  Yep. Received my first parking ticket at a loss of $75 and tears.

I am still seeking career opportunities that are the right fit for me.  I refuse to settle for what does not make my heart full.  Through all of the breakdowns of anxiety, homesickness, and lonliness I still manage to have faith that this big step in my journey will be worth it someday.  I have always had the strength to just keep moving on even in times of confusion and feeling lost (I get my strength from being a Mayse).  And a big thanks to my therapist who I wish would just uproot her life too and come be my roommate.  What? All you emotionally crazy people should have a therapist too.

Who knows where you could be in one, two, three, or 10 years from now?  No one knows! Life is so unplanned and I am learning how to deal with life’s uncertainties each day.  Although it is scary, it is so exciting of what the future holds for me.  I hope my strength will pass on to those who decide to follow their dreams.

Never settle and never stop searching for what makes your soul happy.

2 thoughts on “First Post : Road to Rach’s

    1. Hi Tae!

      It makes me happy to hear that you have been following along. I just write for fun hoping to inspire everyone’s next vacation –and also to chase after your dreams!

      The layout I chose is Cubic! Then I just played around with it.

      Thanks for the follow! Have a good weekend! x


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