Thankful for Airbnb’s

Before I made the official move to Los Angeles, I booked a one way ticket to LA for the first time three weeks prior.  I had never been to California, so I wanted to see if it was going to be a fit for me.

I had a job interview lined up and I had contacted two headhunter agencies to begin my career search while there.  My unrealistic intention was that I was going to go there, find a job quickly, an apartment, and a roommate.  During my two week stay, I stayed with three different Airbnb hosts (who were awesome!!) because I was unsure each week when I was going to head back home.

After two weeks of no job, and renting a car I was sick of paying for, I headed back to the Midwest only to return back a week and a half later.  I needed my car and I needed to settle down in my own space that would make me more stable with job interviews.

I accomplished two things in my first trip to LA.  I found two headhunter agencies, an apartment, and found a roommate I met on an online website (who turns out to be perfectly normal and obviously I am still alive today!).

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