En Route to LA

7 States and 30 Hours Later

Anyone who knows me, knows how much clothes, shoes, accessories, crap, etc that I have.  I have enough clothing to give to a third world country, which isn’t a bad idea.  I packed my clothes in 8 ziplock plastic storage bins and stuffed them into my car.  IT ALL FIT. INCLUDING MY TV.

I asked my aunt if she could travel with me to California.  I was so excited that we were going to make this a road trip and stop in different destinations.  After all of the sobbing “See you laters” like I was dying or something and Nanny’s famous words, “Don’t talk to strangers (especially since I know absolutely no one where I am going right)” my aunt and I were on our way to California.

The places we stopped to stay the night were Kansas City, MO, Denver, CO, and Las Vegas, NV.  Kansas was a terrible place with tumbleweeds rolling all over the freaking road.  It was also straight and flat and such a boring, forever long drive through that state.  We heard every single song on the radio a thousand times over and over and I had to finally bring out my “different” kind of music that my country-loving aunt was not amused by.  We stopped at a cute little place in Colorado and quenched our ice cream thirst.  We shopped around the Christmas village and then we were on our way feeling like Lloyd and Harry traveling through CO.  Unfortunately, we didn’t go through Aspen.

Vegas was a place I was most looking forward to visit.  We first stayed at a not so glamours hotel on the first night because we arrived so late.  The next night we stayed at Planet Hollywood and then went out that night.  We ate at the amazing Bellagio for dinner and made bank on Michael Jackson.  Then he beat it right back out of us.

We also saw the show Vegas, and we roamed around Ceasars Palace playing Sex and the City slots.  Nanny had given us a sack full of quarters to take for tolls, but we thought it would be brilliant idea to cash those in at the casinos.  We did, and now I wish I would have saved those quarters for my laundry here in LA.  Because I was so exhausted from the drive, I did not get to fully experience Vegas, which was probably a good thing.  But now it is only four hours away from me 🎉

We traveled through 7 states and arrived 30 hours later in Los Angeles.  It was such an exhausting trip, but I would not have wanted to experience traveling across the country with anyone else but my aunt!


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