French Kiss

French Kiss

I volunteered to work another red carpet event for a short film premier party. The film was called French Kiss starring Tyler Ritter and Margot Luciarte hosted by the Marriott in Marina Del Rey.  Some of the guests in attendance were Paula Patton, Taryn Manning, Shawn Hatosy, Paola Nunez, cast from CSI, and other A-list celebrities.

Because the movie was set in France, It was Paris themed with macaroons, creme brûlée, crepes, and amazing French music to set the ambience overlooking the Los Angeles skyline. The screening was absolutely adorable and it only gave me more of a fever to visit Paris!

This song played throughout the midnight sky overlooking the city ❤

My volunteer role was a celebrity escort to the main actor, Tyler Ritter.  I had to chauffeur Mr. Ritter around the event and made sure he attended scheduled interviews; As well as service him food and beverages throughout the night.  It was awkward because I felt as if I was following him around like an annoying puppy dog.  He was such a humble and cool guy that it was an honor to meet him and his family.  His family asked me all about the farm and jokingly suggested we should switch lives.  I did not, not agree with their suggestion.

Oh hi beautiful Paula Patton (-8

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