In June I went home for two weeks and spent time with my family as much as I could when they were not working. It was my first time being home, so it was bittersweet feeling being back.  The rush of emotions came back to me like, “How could I leave the best family in the world?’ or, “I still have not figured out my freaking life yet so why not just be a cashier at the market for the rest of my life since I know that is what I am good at?”. Nothing against the market or anything, but I quickly realized being home that it was not a place I wanted to be at this time and stage in my life.  I had to keep reminding myself that there is a reason why I left.  It is always hard to see my Nan and Pops health go downward because they are so special to me. They really need to get it together, orrrrrr I need to start making lots of money so I can send all of the California Hispanics to the market to work since they are the hardest workers today.

One of my most anticipated adventures being home was being able to go to New York City with a fabulous group of ladies for my 24th birthday! I felt pretty fancy shmancy accommodating at the Waldorf Astoria. I can check that one off my bucket list!  We attended several rooftop bars, I was given business cards for dates, and went to two Italian restaurants that did not even have meatballs.  What the heck.  Even after several spent vacations in NYC, the skyline, bars, 99 cent pizza, diversity,  New Yorker bold/glaring personalities, garbage stench streaming throughout the Manhattan air, and 99 cent pizza never gets old 😋 Seriously, it is the best pizza in the entire world.


I saw Chicago on broadway for the second time, ate at the amazing and ever-so expensive Del Friscos, went to the Chelsea Market, and attended the Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett concert. Gaga and Mr. Bennett was not exactly what the rest of the group expected, but I absolutely loved the vocals, instrumentals, and perfect harmony as they serenaded the audience of 60 and over.

I had such a fun little weekend getaway to the city that never sleeps.  A lot of people thought I would have ended up moving to NYC right after college.  But after evaluating the lifestyle there, I am happy with my move to LA because I feel as if it is a better fit.  New York is a place I love to getaway for a temporary amount of time, so it was a much needed fix being able to go for a special occasion with a great group of people!

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