I Actually Work Ya’ll

So, a lot of you probably think that I just roam around California and just take pictures all day.  Well, I actually have an internship this summer as a public relations and marketing assistant.  But, it was a flexible internship that allowed me to take in my first California summer; So I was thankful for that!  Because I came to to LA without any experience in the industries that I always wanted to pursue,  I had to start from the bottom.  I was lucky that I landed an internship that allowed me to be exposed to public relations, fashion, production, marketing, and creative writing.  My boss was really hardcore,  so I had to quickly learn how to use my strength to take the heat.

I also had the opportunity to meet with designers to assess if they were going to be a fit with our public relations company.  If we saw the designers as a fit then it was our job to place them in fashion shows all over the country. With my company, my boss showcases the production show, so I learned a lot of skills from behind the scenes as well.

My internship allowed me to attend the home of a producer of E! Network, and while I was there I met luxury fashion designer, Andre Soriano.  Soriano participated on a reality television show called Styled to Rock hosted by Rihanna.  His collection was absolutely amazing and he even let me try on a few pieces!

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