50 Shades of BLUE

July 21 : EVV @ 6am > 7 hour layover in CHI (because I am an idiot and misread layover time) > LAX @5:30 pm

July 22: Leave LAX @ 10:00 pm > arrive JFK 6:00 am > arrive STT 12 noon

I went home for a week in Indiana for my last trip home for the summer. I was so excited to reconnect with friends I had not seen in so long at a wedding and indulge in fried chicken 🍗 

As soon as I returned back to LA on July 21st, I was on a red eye July 22nd to St. Thomas for work!

One of my favorite destinations I recently ventured to was St. Thomas British Virgin Islands. My company was invited to showcase a production show for the fashion event called Mastermind Fashionista.  My job going down was to help assist my boss, but I ended by being a stylist for one of the designers we brought with us. I have always felt a sense of pride when my friends would come to me for fashion advice. It made me feel joy when they reached out to me for advice on something I am passionate about.  I find styling to be rewarding because not only am I finding the right fit for a body type, but I am hoping to boost the confidence of who is wearing the garment.

St. Thomas was a three day event consisting of VIP parties of meet and greets; A comedy show featuring the hilarious Rodney Perry; Bernae’s glam hair and fashion show; And the Fashionista show to wrap up the event on the final night. I was lucky to get to stay five nights and meet some incredible people. I was acquainted with the Orange Country network, HauteOC, where they captured breathtaking footage for Fashionista Now Boarding airing only in Los Angeles.

As the final fashion event date approached, I was confident I was going to send the models out on the runway looking sassy in Fota’s collection. His collection is very sexy/street edge, so the models who were chosen were based on the criteria if they could fit Fota’s collection appeal.  The event was sold out with standing room VIP.  I assisted by assigning each model to a specific attire and it was my job to accessorize what deemed appropriate for the clothing piece. The models had to be top-notch from the jewelry, to the hand-held embellishments, to rocking sunglasses and hair pieces, and strutting in fabulous stiletto pumps. It was rewarding that I became close to some of the most nice and humbled women. I was so very inspired by their bold, fierce, and confident personalities that I was absolutely loving the atmosphere of women strength and empowerment.

St. Thomas was definitely a learning experience by getting to be exposed to the business side of production. I misconceptualized everything that went into production and what needed to be done beforehand to get the models ready for the runway.  I found that I really enjoy styling and I hope to find a career that will allow me to use those skills.  I also gained a perspective on Caribbean culture, which I hope my future allows me to travel back to the islands one day…..but hopefully for vacation!

Fashion Designer, Raphael Cole.  His collection is called Fota.
Fashion Designer for FOTA, Raphael Cole.
The ladies of HautOC and founder of Top Job PR.
The ladies of HauteOC and founder of Top Job PR.

Fashionista Mastermind : July 23-27

I decided to terminate my internship with the company I worked for this summer. I found the company was not a right fit for me, so now I am on the hunt for new career opportunities.

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