Dream Chaser

Long time, no blogging.  A lot has happened..so heres the beginning of another new journey.

When I was living in California, I had no idea what I wanted to pursue.  I thought I wanted to get into the entertainment industry because I loved the celebrity atmosphere…even being approached to be on a reality television show that quite possibly could have ended in a final rose🙊.  I applied for everything that caught my eye on job boards.  After landing several interviews, I was not excited to interview with any of the companies.  Even having a small hope I would not get a call back.  But, all of these companies entailed sitting in an office from 9-5 and thats EXACTLY what I knew I did not want to do.  (That is the only thing I was sure of)  I hate being bored; and my personality has to be intrigued by new things everyday.

Side note: I am a gut feelings type person, so when something feels off or I am not excited about what I am about to invest my time in then I know I am already setting myself up for unhappiness.

One thing I always saved on my computer was a list of all the airlines that were hiring.  I noticed that one airline in particular was hiring so I reached out to one of my fellow pilot friends who encouraged me to apply.  I was hesitant at first, only because I was scared I would not get the interview.  I eventually applied, was invited to do an awkward online interview, then was invited to San Fransisco for a face-to-face interview.  I was more confident and motivated in going after this interview than I ever have been before interviewing in previous jobs.  I was given an unconditional job offer on the spot on the conditions I would complete training.  I immediately had tears rolling down my face.  I knew this felt right because I had searched so long to find my passion.  The whole process felt very innate and those tears meant something.  Happiness.

Two weeks later, I was on my way to training.  Training was 4 weeks long… too long.  It was mentally and physically exhausting.  They trained us how to have a fluctuated schedule, which meant early wake up calls. Life would be so much easier if I drank coffee. The main just of the training was security.  So we were basically being trained to not only serve, but also how to respond to security/medical/turbulent emergencies.

I met some of my best of friends through training.  My roommate and I instantly connected.  She respected my germaphobic manners and she taught me how to be more holistic than a witch.

Although training was exhausting and very stressful,  I enjoyed learning about what was going to steer me in my career.

On the third week, we found out we were going to be JFK based.  That is when the stress set in.  I had to assist in finding a roommate for my roommate in LA, find a car and furniture shipping company, a new apartment, and pack my belongings up to report to New York four days after graduation.  I had just moved to Los Angeles 6 months prior and was finally settling in.  After many breakdowns, sleeping on an air matters for three weeks in NJ, my belongings finally arrived and I felt a little more complete.  Whew.

Flight attending was always my plan B when it should have been my plan A.  I always knew I wanted to pursue this while I was young and unattached with nothing holding me back.  Anyone who ever asked me what I wanted to do would always get an answer somewhere along the lines of me just wanting to travel the world and being exposed to the unfamiliar.  I knew it was time to leave my comfort zone in Indiana because I felt it was going to be the only way for me to grow up.  I never wanted to have regrets or a “what if” feeling down the road.  I finally found what I am supposed to be doing in this moment and life could not be anymore clear.  Not even questioning myself for once…which is rare.

Bottom line is, seriously go after what you want, your passions, interests, or anything you are curious about.  Even if it ends up not being what you thought,  at least you tried.

Never stop exploring.



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