Aloha Hawaii | Hafa Adai Guam!

I was finally assigned my first international-ish trip to the islands!  I was awaken in my sleep around 10 pm on December 14th.  The crew scheduler worked up the excitement by speaking very slowly and easing in that I would be deadheading (aka riding passenger) to Hawaii, and then working a flight from Hawaii to Guam, and then Guam back to Hawaii,  deadhead Hawaii back to NYC for a total of six days.  I was awarded layovers of 50ish hours in Hawaii, and 36 hours in Guam.   I was so ecstatic about this 6 day trip I was shaking and almost in tears.

The flight to Hawaii was a total of 10 hours.  I had never been on a flight over 7 hours…. so my butt felt flatter than a pancake by the end.  My sidekick, Z, was on my ID trip and I could not have asked for a better person to experience this trip with.  We instantly connected and our conversation was so natural.  I seriously have never laughed so hard in a long time as when I was with him.  I am always thankful when I meet people who are genuine and make me forget about petty worries by making me laugh about the most stupid things.

Hawaii was absolutely beautiful.  Waikiki was rather touristy and crowded, but no complaints. The islanders were helpful/beautiful on the inside and of course on the outside with their sun kissed skin.  Z and I hiked all the way up to Diamond Head, Oahu, which overlooked the whole island.  Views of greenery, turquoise blue, and breezy fresh air only drew me to the conclusion I should live on an island one day and play mermaid. (;


Guam was a place I never thought I would get to travel.  I honestly did not even know where it was.  I literally thought it was a dot in an ocean, so I was thinking where in the world is this plane going to land….the ocean?Well, we made it and the island was rather larger than on the map.  The time change was so unnecessary though.  So, in New York it would be Tuesday and in Guam it would be Wednesday.  So futuristically weird. Anyways, we explored the beaches and went to Two Lovers Point, Guam.  This was a place where lovers place their heart lockets on a chained fence.  So cute ❤



The Hawaiian crew we worked with were so welcoming and amazing.  They were so excited to see JFK flight attendants that it definitely calmed my nerves once I realized our senior mama’s and dads were going to take care of Z and I.  I even received a pretty little ring handed down from one FA from the HNL crew.  The rest of the crew made homemade delicious baked goods.  I could not resist the monkey bread and red velvet cake!

My flight from Hawaii to Guam tested my patience.  I was exposed to Asian culture where they demanded hot water for their tea and noodles.  They also rarely sat down 4 of the 7 hours of the flight.  It was interesting to learn small things about their culture, so I can expect how to serve them in the future.  From Guam back to Hawaii, was full of military men trying to travel home for the holidays.  It was definitely an honor to serve them and to look at them.

This was one of my most rewarding trips so far.  Flight attendants who have been with the company for over 20 years have never been awarded a trip as amazing or long of layovers as this one.  It was basically a paid vacation. So, it was truly a blessing I was one of the “chosen one’s”.  It felt GOOD.

I will never forget the internal feeling when the crew scheduler called me for this trip.  It was more than just a vacation; It was eye opening.  Traveling truly tests you (foreign places, people, and things); And you learn more about yourself in small little ways.  I know it is just a trip, but it meant so much more.  Every flight I work is different and new with fresh faces, and that is the beauty of this job.  This trip reminded me of why I chased my dream of traveling the world as free as a bird.

Top of Diamond Head, Oahu Hawaii


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