Thank you 2015, Hello 2016!

2015 has been one of the greatest/adventurous/eventual/stressful/scariest/rewarding years I have had thus far. It has been a year of change and a more positive outlook on life.

I have discovered more about myself and learned how to be more natural and open than I ever have been before.  I have learned not be so cautious of what others think and focus more on myself.  As selfish as that sounds,  it is the best way to learn and soul search; Which is what I think you’re supposed to do when you’re as clueless as me to what you want? I never know what I want until I feel it or see it and I am starting to embrace those callings.  2015 has allowed me to invite change and be okay with it.

2015 accomplishment of goals and dreams:

My first goal was to move out of Indiana and be on my way to discovering my passions. I wanted to grow up and get away from the comfortable life I was living. That first journey was to California, where I “thought” I knew what I wanted. Turns out it was not, and I am finally okay with that after several breakdowns later. I learned how to do stupid adult things on my own and realized big girl world is not so easy.

Sometimes on our way to a journey, we find a new path. I moved to LA and found my way back to the NYC area, which is where I believe I am supposed to be today. A week before I chose to move to LA, I was dead set on moving to NYC. But, I felt I was not ready and I have been to NYC so many times it became comfortable. I think I sometimes get nervous when things become too comfortable. But, everything happens for a reason and now I am back within one of the best cities in the states.

My second goal was to finally conquer my fears and go after my dream of a flight attendant. Earlier this year, I applied for Emirates Airlines with the intentions of moving abroad to Dubai and working for one of the most prestigious airlines. I did not get the position and was so upset at the time. I wanted to give up being a flight attendant after I was rejected, so I gave up that dream for months. It was bittersweet, but I truly believe everything happens for a reason and NOW I see that. Eventually, I realized I should try going for an American airline. So, I applied and here I am today.

And my third goal was to find souls I groove with and who understand me on a deeper level. Training led me to some of my best of friends and ones that enjoy my taste in music (: We went through a new phase of life together.  We created this bond that only we can understand.

I’ve gotten to visit new countries, states, and been exposed to new cultures. I celebrated New Years Eve in Montana. MT would not have been my first choice on NYE, but hey! I had never been there before so why not experience a new place?  Girls are all freakishly tall there so I wondered what their daddies fed them.

I learned how to not only serve drinks, but also handle medical emergencies. I also had to adjust to sleeping with my phone ringer on on days I am “on call”, which has been the hardest struggle since I used to always sleep with it on silent.

I cannot say it enough, but I am so fortunate and blessed for my new job. Through the lack of sleep, some unpleasant customers, my feet always hurting, many chiropractic visits, and being on reserve, this job is still worth every minute. I get to travel and meet new faces every single day. It is a great feeling when someone compliments you on your work, or how you treat them.

Now….. I know I have been at this job for less than a year, but for once, I am so excited for the future and what it throws me. Some ask me how long I plan to be a flight attendant.  And for some reason I take it offensive because I feel as if I am finally happy doing something I enjoy. For once, I am looking forward to the unexpectedness of what is to come. Who knows where this job could lead, or even if I stick with it.  I get to experience everything I have ever wanted with this job and I am truly enjoying all angles.

Thank you to those who have helped make my 2015 and every year amazing. I am truly grateful and blessed with this life He continues to let me live.

2 thoughts on “Thank you 2015, Hello 2016!

  1. Rachael, you are such an inspiration!
    Here we are cousins that have never met, yet I feel like I know you 💞
    I love your honesty. Flight attendant was what I always wanted to do, and came so very close!! Had interview set up and all!! then got scared & stayed in my comfort zone.. That was 30 years ago! I still say I’m going to run away and join the!!
    As you said, everything happens for a reason…this is so true😊 Your journey in life should never end, do what you love..with passion and surround yourself with positive people. You’re beautiful inside & out, I look so forward to hanging out one of these days! Thanks for sharing your blog!! 😘😘

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