A Night at the Museum


One of my most favorite hobbies is to attend museums/art galleries. I dig viewing art, architecture, culture, style and fashion.  I become so mesmerized by the creativity and beauty one displays in their perspective. I always enjoyed creating art in my spare time from taking courses in elementary school until the end of high school. I became too busy in college to continue drawing and painting. Something about doing art is truly a stress reliever for me. It has a calming effect.  So,  I ventured into New York City for a full day of relaxation through museums.

My new friend and I visited the American Museum of Natural History and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  AMNH was a cool experience because one of my favorite movies is The Day After Tomorrow where an important scene takes place in this museum.  It had preserved fossils and very realistic looking animals. From my learning, the “type” of dinosaurs we still have today are birds.  The nerd in me has always been interested in fossils, especially dinosaur fossils!

We then ventured through Central Park to the Metropolitan Museum of Art where I channelled my inner Gossip Girl by sitting on the MET steps.  I have always wanted to visit the MET because of the history.  The MET was stunning.  I was intrigued by the Greek culture, mummies, coffins, and Egyptian jewelry.  Then, there was the ancient Roman times, and Buddha statues looking at me to be more zen about my life. I need to spend another full day attending these gallas because there is so much to see that I am sure I missed.

My most favorite section of the museum was The Art of Style featuring Anna Wintour’s costume center.  Jacqueline De Ribes collection was on display as well as several pieces from Yves Saint Laurent.  I loved it.  Yves Saint Laurent has a documentary on Netflix that goes deep into his personal life and passion for fashion; So, I was very awed in seeing his most iconic designs in person.  I love French designers because they create such elegance, class and sophistication for women and men’s fashion.

The night concluded by strolling through Time Square and eating at one of my favorite seasonal fresh markets in NY.  I truly enjoy being in the city to experience things I have always wanted to see.  The city has so much to offer and you can never get bored, which is why I like it!

2 thoughts on “A Night at the Museum

  1. Lovely day, Rach!! I felt the same as you do (AMNH &MET) when I was at the Royal Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh….breath-taking…..I need to go back. Come with me—-you would ❤ it!!!


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