Island Girl Tale | St. Thomas & St. John



When you just experienced living in the second largest NYC blizzard in history, the only thing on my mind is warmth, sunshine, and the beach.  Especially since a beach is my favorite place on earth.  I had several days off, so I escaped to St. Thomas, USVI for a vacation!

Thankfully my friend V was able to host me in St. Thomas. I met V the last time I was in the islands and her angel self made quick arrangements for me to stay with her for a few nights. She told me I could drive her car, but after seeing that this place drives on the left side with unreal winding roads, I thought I better not…and she did too. She had to work the time I was there, so I ventured around by myself during the day, met some of the locals/tourists, and laid on the most beautiful white sandy beaches I have ever seen.

At night, V took me to some of the best seafood restaurants in the Caribbean. Anytime I see fish tacos on the menu then that is the ONE time I am not indecisive on what I want to eat. Fish tacos are one of my favorite foods!

She then took me to experience the nightlife. We went to Iggies for Caribbean night. There, they had show entertainment right out on the beach with music playing in the background. I saw an idiot breathe out fire and limbo under a stick on fire from maybe…oh 6 inches off the ground. He went under the limbo with a non-lit cigarette and came up completely alive smoking that same cig.

I also ventured over to St. John. I took the ferry from St. Thomas and LAWD HAVE MERCY.  Trunk Bay  and all of the scenic beaches there were so exhilaratingly beautiful. The islands. The sand. The cute town.  The water. The views. The serenity. Words cannot describe.

One night V took me on the lift up to Paradise Point (top of St. Thomas). I remember I was looking down and I thought to myself, “I am truly lucky and blessed to be able to experience a place so absolutely beautiful that many people can only dream of visiting, or only visit once in a lifetime”. It was such a beautiful lookout that it brought tears to my eyes.


Kind of off subject but, did you know that if a tear drop falls from the left eye first then it means pain. And if it falls from the right eye first then it means happiness? Both eyes= frustration. Read that somewhere whether or not it is true.

As we sat at dinner, I observed many different families laughing, dancing, and naturally enjoying themselves. They were so carefree and dancing like chickens. Just living in the moment and not a worry in the world; Just having a good time under the stars. I even saw one grandma, maybe the age of 80, out on the dance floor making a cute fool out of herself dancing to reggae music. Grandma’s family would not even back her up by dancing with her!

As I watched the bond and connection of these families (Okay, I am not a creeper, just a people-watcher/very observant), I was thinking of how very fortunate it is that they are lucky to be together for a family vacation. It made me realize that it is truly not about the destination; And that life is all about making memories and sharing them together, wherever you are with the people you love. They will keep those memories in their hearts and one day look back and talk about how grandma got real low to Caribbean reggae music.

Traveling touches everyone in different ways because we grasp ahold of it differently.  We all seek to enjoy what we love doing, so we can one day look back and smile about that “One time when”.

FullSizeRender-2.jpgTraveling is my muse, escape from reality, fulfillment of losses and voids, and a passion to understand the unknown world around me. It is a luxury and a chance to live in the moment by losing myself in the experience.  It is the one time I can give a new first impression every time and be my most genuine self because every destination and person I meet is brand new.  I know no one; So I have to reach out and ask for help.  I get to hear new stories and listen to people call me Miss Indiana when I forget to give my name out.  All it takes is a, “So where are you from?” To get the conversation flowing.  Then you are on the subject of talking about so-and-so’s aunts, brothers, sister, daughters, soon-to-be fiancé’s gecko or something. It truly is crazy how strangers can start conversing as if they have known each other forever.

Traveling gives me life. Sounds like the closest thing to love, huh? My kind of love.  These memories add to my storybook chapters and heart…or well, my blog…and private journal.

I would have to say that the Caribbean is my favorite beaches thus far. The culture, water, food, people, and relaxation is everything.  I am definitely an island girl who could live in a bikini with fresh saltwater and sip yummy all-natural fruit smoothies. Thank goodness for last minute vacations, amazing hospitality, and good people who let me into their life!


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