Frankfurt, Deutschland!

Losing a slight bit of hope I would not get an international trip this month, I walked into our crew room and checked in for my 1640 standby.

“We already have your assignment for you.  You are going to Frankfurt, Germany”… Okay. Cool. Not what I expected to hear.  Only because I was off to Germany with things I would not generally pack since I was on a roll with domestic trips lately. I would have at least tried to pack cute clothes, but whatever.

That is what happens with this job and life in general.  You get news when you least expect it.  If you have high hopes then things may not happen.  It is especially hard with being a reserve flight attendant.  You dang near cannot not get too excited about anything or they take your happiness away (not intentionally).  So, I was not fully convinced I had this trip until I was actually on the plane and that door was armed to take off.  This job tests your patience; that is for sure!

Anyway, did I mention that we deadheaded to Germany?  My other classmate and I landed this trip together, so we were able to sleep and be refreshed when we arrived.  I am assuming there were so many flights to Frankfurt because of the Brussels attacks and they needed to re-route passengers through Frankfurt to go back to USA.

So funny story,

We land around 9 am in Frankfurt and I notice you have to take a bus to get to the actual airport from the plane.  I get off the plane, along with the passengers, and arrive at the terminal to realize my crew is not with me.  I start panicking and go to the agents and see if there is any wifi so I can try and get in contact with my crew.  They spoke very little English, so that was great.  Here I am scrambling around trying to figure out if my crew is going to arrive at the same terminal in a foreign country.  Twenty minutes later, here come my crew trucking in and I get such a sign of relief.  Here I was thinking I am going to have to get my own transportation to the hotel and etc.  I guess I got too excited to be in Germany or something.  Phew, lesson learned to always wait for your crew.

FullSizeRender-2After I made it to the hotel (with my crew), we napped, then a group of about 9 of us walked around all of downtown Frankfurt.  I was not expecting Frankfurt to be so industrial and modern.  In the search for pops of color out of dreary Europe, I spied my lust for cute little storybook buildings.

We ate dinner at the top of one of the tallest buildings where I tried my first schnitzel.  It was so mouth-watering and fattening with no regrets!

I also experienced Primark for the first time.  And I now wish to never buy clothes or accessories from another American store again. That place was AMAZING.  I would say it is a combination of a Zara, H&M, and Top Shop at a way affordable cost.  It is a store that should come to America, but not really.  It would be bad news bears for me.

After venturing around all day, we made our way back to our hotel. I found myself going to sleep at a decent hour, but waking up at 3 am due to being on New York time.  The time change is probably the most challenging part about traveling to Europe or anywhere with this job.

I was very fortunate to travel to and from Germany with a really amazing mixed UA and CO crew.  For those who are not familiar with the two different sides of United and Continental, they are in the process of combining under one company and contract. It was refreshing to be around two crews who did not care who each sides they were on and we just had fun.

I am looking forward to landing another assignment to another part of Germany.  I truly enjoyed the Germans,  yummy schnitzel, and German culture!

3 thoughts on “Frankfurt, Deutschland!

  1. Primark is amazing! I know it’s been a while since you wrote this post but they now have a few in America! Love reading your blog posts!


    1. Hi Kate! I’ve heard there are a few Primarks. One is Jersey, which is close to me!! Which is somewhat dangerous lol. Thank you so much for following me around! 🙂


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