Belgian Waffles in Brussels, Belgium

Incoming blaring fire alarm ringtone, “ID 5152, M position, check-in 4:30 pm, You are going to Brussels, Belgium”.

It is always a pleasant surprise to hear you have scored an international trip.  When arriving at the briefing room (what takes place with your crew before any departing flight) a girl walks in after me and says, “Do you remember me?  I am that girl that messaged you about becoming a flight attendant a long time ago and we went to the same college.”

What are the odds you are working to Belgium with a former Eagles graduate?  Same area code and same city.  That has yet to happen!  I mean, we basically went to college to become flight attendants.😏

I got stuck in economy galley serving over 180 passengers going to Brussels.   I enjoyed working in the back because my new friend L was there to keep jokes cracking.  We were basically on the same telepathic wavelength since we were from Indiana.  We kiiiiiinda got each other.

Working to Brussels was another learning experience.  That 777 economy galley is unreal.  It was only a 6 hour flight there and 7ish coming back home.  It was as if working a premium service from NY to San Francisco,  but with an added bonus of a break.

When we arrived in Brussels, I was in awe of our hotel.  There were hanging chandeliers and gold finishes everywhere.  My room basically had a king size bed with classy bedding and a walk out balcony.  The bathroom was beyond beautiful and the floors were heated!!

After napping for a few hours, it was time to explore Belgium.  First stop, trying their famous frites (french fries).  So, I did not know it was a thing to eat frites with mayo.  These were some of the best frites I have ever had in my life (no exaggeration).  They boil them in olive oil, so somewhat healthy?  I am a huge potato girl, so I was in heaven.  They put the fries in a cone-like setup and put ketchup and mayo on top.  Heart attack.

Next food stop… Belgian waffles of course!  I spoiled myself with a Nutella strawberry waffle with whip cream on top.  DE-LI-CIOUS.

And let me just add more calories to the day with the famous Belgian chocolate.  If you walk into a chocolate store, they handed out as many samples as you wanted.  I got so full off of samples.  But, the surprising thing was that I did not feel completely nasty at the end of the day because I guess their ingredients are soo much more healthier and natural than the USA?  I will just believe so. Ha.

After indulging in amazing food, we walked around the city of Brussels and my obsession with flowers heightened.  Gold was on historic buildings and I fell more in love with European architecture.

We also saw the “little boy” peeing in the fountains basin.  I do not know the full history of this peeing boy, except that it is a symbol of Brussels.  Apparently, it was very popular because people were taking selfies with this peeing boy…..

Manneken-Pis – The Peeing Boy

For anyone curious about the security in Brussels, there was not as much heightened security as I am sure there was less than a month ago.  And let me just say it is quite intimidating when you are walking around and see the Belgian army posted up against a fence with machine guns, staring at you, and have no intention of taking a selfie with you.

After exploring Europe all day, I went back to my room, sulked in a bubble bath, and passed out around 9:30 pm (3:30 pm NYC time) and awoke to my schedulers letting me know our flight was delayed by 2 hours.  What a bummer to get stuck in a luxurious hotel for a little extra time.

This gave L and I enough time to walk to a little café and indulge in more carbs.  Can anyone explain to me the secret of why Europeans are so skinny and fit when all they do is eat bread?

Onward back to the states where the excitement was soon to come to an end.  On our way home, there were over 100 Belgian men traveling to the USA for a college graduation trip.  It was their first time to the U.S. and they were so excited.  I wanted to break it to them that the U.S. is not as pretty as Europe, nor as exciting, but I obviously did not say anything.  I guess they could tell me the same thing about their country when I come to visit Europe.

I continue to beam with happiness when I get the call for an international trip.  I love the change and being able to learn about a new culture and people.  I do not mind the long haul flights because you are constantly busy, plus you get a break!

I can say that the Dutch and French were very, very polite and always said please and thank you, which made the service more enjoyable.  Working this flight was honestly the best one yet because the people were so nice and even complimented our crew on our good service.

Lately, I have been so lucky and blessed to travel to two new places.  I wonder where they will send me next?  Stay tuned!

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