Dublin, Ireland🇮🇪




1Rolling green hills and fish and chips.  How can one go wrong?

It was my first time to Ireland and I was more than excited to begin my four day solo trip in Dublin.  In my opinion, Dublin has to be one of the best cities to travel solo.  The people are very pleasant, helpful, and the crime rate is very low.

Dublin is a walking city (bring good shoes) with bipolar weather.  Who would have thought you needed to pack for four seasons?  One minute it was windy, and then the next it was sunny and hot.  Just weird, yet I didn’t care because my hair was curly so the rain didn’t bother me anyway.

Note: If you go to Ireland in February, be prepared to pack several clothing options.  

I was eager to visit Dublin because it reminded me of sweet home Indiana.  Known for its agriculture, this place hit close to home. And let me just add they have some of the best potatoes and I would travel back just for them.  There is something about European potatoes.  I was told they use a more natural oil, which means they are healthy, right?

The hospitality was beyond any other country I have visited.  Everyone was so helpful and welcoming.  I did not feel sketched out at all asking others where to stay.  I found a last minute apartment listing, which came through for the win.  (By the way,  I usually book my accommodation when I arrive at the destination, so slight anxiety?  Yes.)  I stayed near Croke Park, which is the biggest stadium in Dublin, mainly used for Gaelic football/hurling.  Everything in Dublin is within walking distance, so you should not have a problem finding a good place to stay.38

Booking a day tour with Paddy Wagon tour will be a good experience for those who want to visit the Cliffs of Moher.  You will get to listen to an authentic Irish accent emphasizing the history of Ireland.  You will leave around 7:30 am and arrive back in Dublin around 8pm.  I picked to go to the Cliffs of Moher on the worst day ever because Storm Dorris arrived with 80-90 mph winds.  There I was standing on the Cliffs trying to get the best photo. Typical.  Sooo.. check the weather.


Top sites to visit

Dublin Castle, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Christ Church Cathedral, Trinity College (home to the Book of Kells ), and Phoenix Park.  Venture around because you never know what kind of artistic alleyway you will find.


Trinity College

Okay I listed a lot of churches, but is anyone else fascinated by cathedrals around the world?  I’m not the most holy person, but I am obsessed with the architecture and divine beauty of churches in foreign countries.  It’s amazing the details and artwork that is put into these structures.

🍺Do I have any beer drinkers?  Stop in the Guinness Storehouse, or head down to Temple Bar and enjoy a nice cold one.  Temple Bar is the top place to go when visiting Dublin.  I stepped into a bar and met the most cool beans older man.  His Irish accent was enjoyable to listen to, and we talked about the issues in America.

Anyway,  I am not a beer drinker, but I was told Guinness Storehouse and Temple Bar area are must-see things to do if you want to experience the brewing process.


Fun Fact : Dating back to the 1700’s, the chic town of Dublin was built on strict architectural guidelines with each building maintaining a uniform Gregorian style.  In order to push individuality, residents painted their homes with colorful doors, adding ornate knockers and elegant lights above the door.  If you have time,  play a door scavenger hunt game and see who can find the most colorful doors in Dublin!

If you have time, take a quick trip to Howth, Ireland.  It is about 20 minutes (by the DART) outside of Dublin.  This cute little fisherman’s village is as if something out of a movie.  Houses on top of cliffs, and some of the best FRESH fish and chips.  You can even see Dublin if you hike the trail, which I did not do because I was unaware of the hiking trails.  Howth was adorable and I would highly recommend visiting, eating, and exploring this little village for a few hours out of your day.

You can also take the DART to other parts of Ireland as well.  Purchase your ticket at Connelly Station and let it take you wherever your adventurous heart desires.


Dublin is the perfect trip for three or four days before you head to another part of Ireland.  People typically only spend a few days in Dublin.  You can hit all the major tourist places in a few days before you are ready to explore more of the countryside.  I am already planning my next trip back to Ireland because I truly enjoyed everything this beautiful country had to offer.

If anyone has any suggestions on other places to visit in Ireland, please let me know! Sometimes google doesn’t cut it and I would rather get my information from fellow travelers/locals.

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