The Girl with no Seat at Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week, my favorite time of the year.  When fashionistas from all over the world come together to promote the future of fashion.

Fashion Week not only preps you for future trends, but it also makes you rethink your entire style choices.  You think you have fashion until you’re surrounded by other trendsetters.  I realize I am a little more self conscious than I thought.

Which brings me to my overall view of fashion week

Don’t get my wrong, I am obsessed with fashion week and the joy it brings me being able to attend the hottest shows in the industry.  I am truly grateful.  But, with fashion week, it’s pure madness and exhaustion;  And I am not even walking or working the shows.

This is how it all starts in my head.  This is how I unnecessarily stress about fitting in when no one fits in because style individuality is prominent and super original at its most during fashion week.

**In my head–as I am staring at my closet**

“Fashion week is approaching.  What can I work with here that is going to make me fashionably sociable at these shows?  Oh nothing.  The tragedy.  I hate all my clothes.  I have nothing cute.  Shopping it is.”

I realize these thoughts in my head are totally a first world problem and I am ashamed to admit I just sounded horribly materialistic, BUT girl problems.  And I can be super dramatic soo.. don’t judge me.


People spend however much money just to make a statement appearance at these shows.  They wear what they think is going to make a photographer stop and say, “Can I take a photo of you?”  Granted, I am super awkward in front of a professional photographer, but it makes you feel a little cool when they dig your outfit ensemble.

A photographer told me I looked as if I had on chic pajamas.  In that moment, he got me.  My style is to be the most comfortable with a touch of chic,

When you roll up to these shows, you cannot help but be a little jealous, zealous, and fashion-eleous from these women AND men who are wearing the most striking outfits. Everyone is walking and working the Skylight Clarkson floors as if they are on the runway themselves.  You have males wearing glitter boots and females wearing styles from the 60’s and 70’s.  It’s truly inspiring to see everyones style choices.  It represents who they are as an individual.

The Truth behind the Shows 

You spend a decent amount of money on an outfit.  Buy the most painful heels.  Pay the most for transportation to and from different venues around New York, and stand in line to be seated for a 10-15 minute long runway show.  That’s right!  The shows are actually super straight to the point and only last the duration of literally a Super Bowl commercial.  But, the chaos and madhouse of people scurrying to get to their next show is part of the madness of fashion week.  And somehow, it’s…!?

How To Get Into Fashion Week

Now, for those who have always aspired to go to their first fashion week, I am rooting for you to GO FOR IT.  Do not give up on your dream of attending your first show.  Even if you do not have an invite, there are ways to get in; You just have to be clever and creative.  If you want something really bad, how do you approach the situation?

If I have not already told you about my story of how I attended my first runway show, I will reiterate my first experience.

Last year my friend and I were walking along the Chelsea High Line and I realized they were setting up for some sort of show.  I asked the body guard what show it was and if I could get in.  He denied me access and told me I had to be on the list.  Sadly, we turned away and we began walking farther down the high line.  My friend looked down and she sees a bracelet (the bracelet you needed to attend the show).  She told me I could have it since she was not as interested in attending the show as I was.  That bracelet my friend, was access into Donna Karen, DKNY where top models from Victoria Secret and IMG Models strutted the runway.  I went by myself and started networking.  I WAS IN HEAVEN.  This was truly a dream come true and I think God was on my side that day.  I felt like Charlie from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory when he found the golden ticket.

Moral of the story, sometimes you’re in the right place at the right time.  I felt I was given the opportunity to pursue a dream, so I took advantage of every moment as far as networking, and gaining tips and tricks into other shows.   I was being tested on my true drive for my dreams.  The moment you go after what you want then a beautiful journey begins.

Today,  I have learned how to talk my way into shows I have not even been on the list for.  Just call me the girl who has no seat.  People ask me how I get invited to these shows and all I can say is I have met some pretty awesome people by networking and putting myself out there.  What I learned about this fashion week journey is I work better alone in the hopes I connect with likeminded fashionistas who want to reach similar goals.  I hope I can one day bring some friends along the journey and be able to introduce them to the world of fashion week.  I also hope I can get that Oscar De La Renta and Fendi invite too. LOL.  Fashion week makes me feel like I am in the right place, so that has to be a good thing, right?

the girl with no seat


Go after what you want without the fear you might get rejected and you will be alright. 

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