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Travel Style & Dressing for Comfort


Sometimes you can lose your style originality when you are influenced by other bloggers, and the idea you have to spend thousands of dollars just to fit in.  I am very inspired by daily outfits worn by celebrities and ball gowns twirling at the Golden Globes.  I follow new trends and I am inspired by major fashion bloggers on Instagram.  I am just a dreamer like every other girl hoping to win a shopping spree at Chanel. 

I do not own Gucci, Fendi, or Prada because I ain’t got the money for all that yet.  I’m more of a clearance rack kinda girl.  I travel A LOT, so shopping for less makes more sense for me.  I mean, I will buy a must-have, dire, “Can’t stop thinking about it” item sometimes;   But I evaluate my life decisions if I reeeaaalllly need the shoes.  Anyways, I enjoy sharing my style by letting people know they can dress great for less.  I also really dig wearing sweatpants and no makeup when I absolutely do not have to.

Simple dress with comfortable Vans

My favorite thing about my job?  Being able to travel around the world and SHOP.    Some places I have shopped do not even have a name brand, which is why I am probably not your girl when it comes to,”What are you wearing?  I am more of a, “Who are you wearing?”  And I will most likely answer with a,”I don’t know, but it was it was on sale so thank you for appreciating this $10 dress”.

Frankfurt, Germany 

I would describe my style as affordable chic meets comfortable with a twist of classic and modernity.  I also dress with basics, or non-print pieces so I can recreate a new outfit out of the original outfit.  I dress my body how I will feel the most confident and beautiful.  Or, how bloated or fat I feel that day.  On days off from work I live for the whole sweatpants and no makeup look even though I’m wrecked with bags under my eyes that are not Prada.  I would definitely say my style is based on my 20 moods. 15267655_10209255081548714_5129625030461009582_n.jpg

I love loose and unrestricted clothing allowing my body to breathe!!  Not even on my skinniest days, which was probably kindergarten, was I wearing a body suit.  Maybe that is my level of confidence, but I believe you can look classy and sassy without letting it all hang out.

London Town.  White tennis shoes literally go with anything these days.

I have found shopping in America far more expensive than overseas.  Europe never fails with trending and seasonal statement pieces.  If you ever come across a Primark, stalk up on affordable clothing lasting you throughout the seasons.  They have everything from swimsuits, cosmetics, shoes, menswear, purses, and etc.  I would call this store an inexpensive addiction.  Primark is THE best store for quick travel options and those who feel they will only wear an outfit one time. ‹‹ I admit, I am so guilty of that one.

The best walking and nice travel heels?  Low comfortable wedges.  These are Naturalizes from Macy’s!

Another one of my favorite stores is Mango with an occasional last minute stop at H&M.  I have found some of my favorite pieces at these stores.  Other than that, I substitute expensive clothing for nice shoes.  I believe you need to have the most comfortable shoes because your feet affects your whole body, so I will splurge on name brand shoes.  If the shoe fits, I am buying it!  I believe you can truly never have enough shoes. Am I right, or am I right ladies?

Class and Comfort

If you are looking for a fashion blogger who tells you where she got every piece of clothing, then I am probably not your girl.  I promote originality and wearing my style.  I hope to inspire your looks with the conception you can find pieces like mine, and then be able to style it up however you want.

Feeling like I am in the right place, aka the mall at Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan, Italy

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