Bridal Fashion Week

My first time attending Bridal Fashion Week made me realize this is every little girls dream.  When you are young you picture your wedding day twirling around in a magic fairytale dress.  I mean, some people dream of that scenario, but not me.  I’m not sure I picture myself + marriage, unless I marry myself.  We will see.


Statuesque figures glided down the runway in glistening and shimmering dresses making for a romantic setting at New York Bridal Fashion Week.  Bridal Week is unlike New York Fashion Week where it offers more of a, classy and elegant vibe.  Bridal Week is targeted towards women and we LOVE IT.

Some shows offer free champagne and mimosas as you arrive to the show adding a touch of sophistication.  The overall atmosphere is set as if the audience are the brides, and we are waiting to say yes to THAT dress.  Boutique buyers and managers are scoping dresses they will carry in their stories, and I (not being involved in bridal what-so-ever) am dreaming of playing dress up in chic delicacy.

The Shows

On top of unapologetically stuffing my face with cupcakes from Cream Blossoms at the Marchesa show, I was in heaven when I received an invitation to Marchesa’s presentation.  I have been following Georgina Chapman ever since she became a judge on Project Runway.  The presentation was not a runway, so it made the show more personable.  I was able to see the dresses up close and snap some detailed shots.  Her designs and sheer elegance is a creation for the natural, yet super classy women.  My favorite dresses were classic with black bows to match my heart.  Just kidding, but black is Ashely and Mary-Kate Olson’s favorite every season color, so why not add in everyones favorite color?

A little obsessed with these shoes of lace slim socks.Cream Blossom Cupcakes at Marchesa

Cream Blossom Cupcakes at Marchesa


Naeem Kahn.  Naeen Kahn.  Naeem Kahn.  I cannot speak anymore highly of his work.  He creates the most extravagant dresses where dresses are literally dripping in feathers, pearls, and shimmering beads.  I am obsessed with his overall artwork and would promote the heck out of his creations if I ever had the chance.  I had the chance to meet him as well.  He was a super genuine, nice guy which made me like him even more.  I now look forward to seeing his shows or designs worn by celebrities in the news.

Ines Di Santo is an Italian designer introducing rich lace and beautiful, yet simple pieces.  I loved her work as I am a total lover of rich lace because it adds such a touch of elegance to every woman if worn correctly.  She also incorporates satin fabric hugging the body in all the right areas.  I call her collection, “Fit for a Princess”.

Let’s talk about Berta.  Berta is one of the most iconic bridal companies in the world entailing sparkles, glitter, and lavish garments sparkling down the runway.  I mean, Berta had their show at The Plaza in New York so the setting definitely set the extravagant vibe.  I do not want to say Berta specifically targets the EXTRA bride, but their designs are extra and I absolutely love it.

Mira Zwillinger offers couture dresses for the effortless bride.  Her dresses remind me of a free bird gracing effortlessly down the runway.  She features a lot of flowy dresses (my favorite) with touches of floral embellishments.  I absolutely adored the high necklines and chocker inspired necklaces.  Her dresses express subtle lavishness.

Galia Lahav is another famous bridal collection featuring body pudding dresses with intricate details.  The most well-crafted mermaid designed dresses with sheer, excessive trains for days.  I would describe Galia’s collections as magic because I was able to see these dresses up close and personally touch the fabric.  The fabric and details are literally a work of art placed symmetrically on the female figure.

Idan Cohen is an up and coming designer who has also had designs worn by Beyoncé and Kelly Osborne.  He does beautiful work with lace and high necklines with tulle in all the right places.  His style has a lot of naked fabric with white accents to hide the goodies.  The setting of his show had a backdrop of cherry blossoms inspiring his fall collection.

Peter Langer was another beautiful collection targeted towards sophisticated mature woman.  I liked his collection with simple back details and added accessories.  Check out the sheer block in PL4.

I was in awe and loved a lot of the dresses from Bridal Fashion Week.  I feel as if the runway was made for bridal gowns whereas the overall goal is to put show-stopping dresses on the runway.

Randy Fenoli from Say Yes to the Dress

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