Pnina Tornai

The Isralian Fashion Designer, Pnina Tornai brought wedding glamour to the stage at Kleinfeld Bridal on October 5th, 2017.

I was very fortunate to be able to do a photoshoot where I was able to wear a Pnina Tornai 30 pound gown.  Knowing I was wearing a designer who creates such voluptuous wedding gowns, I could only imagine what I was going to witness on the runway.

Her designs did not fall short of glitter, sparkles, and magnificent trains trailing down the runway.  Pnina showcased mermaid skirts, flared skirts, ball gowns adding “extra va-va voom” to the wedding dresses.  Sexy silhouettes and cutting edge high-slits framed the models perfectly.  And ridescent face decor shaped the eyes and face.

Pinna’s collection, the Fragile Collection, hit the runway so fragile, yet so fierce!

A little bit of Rock-N-Roll




Hey Pnina, can I have another twirling photoshoot in your gorgeous wedding dresses? (;

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