Hayley Paige

JLM Couture – Hayley Paige opened her whimsical brand Blush by Hayley Paige with three little girls dressed in tutu’s and glitter Chuck shoes prancing down the runway on October 6th, 2017.  She then showcased her next collection, Hayley Paige, with soft tulle, colorful prints, and romantic wedding gowns.

I would name Hayley Paige the millennial bridal princess of all millennial designers.  She introduces fun, flirty, and thriving bridal gowns, pantsuits, and evening wear effortlessly bound to make a statement on the runway.  Her gowns give brides a boost of confidence by incorporating structured styles with maximum femininity.

This collection was decorated with sparkles and glitter, yet designed with ultra flowy making it untraditional.  Her sketches were fresh, and I can see why she is a popular designer among the millennials.  Hayley Paige made her energetic, radiant appearance at the end of the show, making me believe in her fanciful and sophisticated visual collection.

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