American Music Awards 2017

A girl with no seat took on the American Music Awards with literally no seat.

My nerves and excitement kicked in when I found out I was going to be a seat filler for the AMA’s.  The nerves was being surrounded and sitting next to celebrities.  The excitement was seeing live performances and experiencing something I only dreamed could happen.  I did not get confirmation until a week before, so that heightened my emotions even more.

Let’s rewind back to finding a dress literally the night before I left on a plane to Los Angeles.  I had an original dress, but do you ever get that gut feeling like, “It’s just not the one?”  With that gut feeling and being a perfectionist,  I went on a mission to find a new dress.  Nothing like getting your outfit and mind right the night before.


And let me admit,  I WAS NOT EVEN THERE TO ACCEPT AN AWARD. 😂 Sometimes I don’t know who I think I am.  So I’m not sure why I even made such a big deal out of this whole experience when I should have focused on the opportunity.  I put too much stress behind finding the right dress, getting the official invitation, and If I would be able to actually travel to LA since I fly standby and everyone and their mom was traveling to LA that weekend.  All that stress was so unnecessary because it all worked out.  I drive myself nuts sometimes.

If you’ve never heard of a seat filler,  let me explain.

A seat filler is someone who volunteers their time to fill in the seats for talent once they leave to accept an award, or when they leave to get ready to perform.  Since the show is airing live on television, they cannot have any empty seats on the ground level so it is “crucial” to fill the seats ASAP.

Seat fillers arrive at least four hours before the show and are shuttled to the arena.  They provided us with food, but there was a lot of standing around.  Thank God I had comfortable heels on or my feet would’ve felt murdered.  We had to wait in line to move to the next holding station until they were ready for us to come into the arena.  It was a relief once I finally made it into the arena because I knew I finally made it, after four hours of standing and sitting around.

As a seat filler for the AMA’s,  you are prohibited to bring your phone.  I felt this was a little unfair because I mean,  I was in such close proximity to so many celebrities.  I could have gotten some bomb selfies, or just recorded my whole experience in general.  We were told not to bother the talent though.  We were all actually bummed we could not bring our phones that it kind of set the tone in the beginning.  This just shows how disgustingly dependent we are on our phones, but hey,  I wanted to document these moments.

Before the end of each commercial break, the production would count down with….
Show starting in 20 seconds, 10, 5 and we are live!

And this is where the chaos started.  Once the show started they began shuffling us around to seats during commercial breaks.  What I didn’t know is people can literally just get up to go get a cocktail, bathroom break, and etc. during commercial breaks, and then not come back!  People who were with someone may not have seen them again until the end of the show.  Celebrities that started in a seat,  didn’t come back to that original seat.  And if there was not a seat filler coordinator nearby, and then a celebrity came to sit in my seat,  I had to find a seat on my own before the commercial break ended.  I for real had to ask Jesse James Decker if anyone was sitting next to her.  She was super humble and nice though and I complimented her on her beautiful babies.

Therefore,  I sat next to some incredible people including Imagine Dragons, in front of Diana Ross, right behind Heidi Klum, directly diagonal to Jenna Dewan-Tatum, horizontal to Kat Graham and Lea Michelle, parallel to Mark Cuban, one seat away from Jessie James Decker, behind Lili Reinhart, walked past Sadie Sink, gave up the seat for Demi Lovato, and was NOT close enough to Justin Hartley.

What you don’t see on television is the actual tone of the show.  People are rushing around under the stage getting talent to their next spot,  bartenders and waitress are walking around with free alcohol and snacks,  stages are being set up or moving in the background while hosts and presenters are on an opposite stage,  commercial breaks are cue for people to move from seat to seat, socialize, or go take photos with people, and the whole setting is just very casual.  I mean,  I felt like talent were annoyed with seat fillers rushing to take an open seat because they had to get up for us to get in the row.  In a way,  I think being a seat filler was a distraction, but the whole idea surrounded around seats needing to be filled makes sense on camera.

The coolest part of the whole experience was actually seeing this live.  The show runs sooo much faster live versus waiting at home for commercials.  They ended the show at three hours right on the dot and people were outta there!

I remember telling a friend in the past how awesome it would be to experience an award show someday.  Thanks to a connection I met at fashion week, this dream came true.  It was so fun to share this experience and I couldn’t have been more blessed to go to the 2017 American Music Awards.  If anyone needs a date to another show,  let your girl know. (;


5 thoughts on “American Music Awards 2017

  1. Wow! And I thought it was crazy at work!! Ha! Wonderful experience for you, Rach. Hoping your nerves weren’t completely frayed by the end of the show. Interesting times for you!!!


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