American Music Awards Dress

The American Music Awards is an award show accepting of many styles.  Leather, feathers, fringe, sequins, glitter and gold sparkled on the stage as well as edgy, classy, fierce, and flirty silhouettes graced the red carpet.  Males wore casual blazers and pant suits, and women wore the trendiest styles in the media today.  You truly see everyones fashion personality shine on the runway when it comes to the American Music Awards.

As I observed other seat fillers for the show,  I did not understand how some were so casual and it made me question myself.  I mean,  some people wore outfits you would wear to church.  No judgment, but wouldn’t you think people would at least want to look a tad more fancy especially if they are going to be on television?  Maybe some people do not have the money to dress up, but some wore sweaters and well, this wasn’t a lunch with grandma type event.

My look for the awards show was classic and form-fitting dress made by Cachet.  Since this was my first award show, I wanted to arrive in something I would be comfortable and confident in.  Velvet is a hot trend right now so I was lucky to find an off the shoulder velvet dress last minute.

My look and makeup for the show


Whether you want to dress up like you are going to the Oscars or dress down like the AMA’s you cannot go wrong with wearing something you are comfortable and confident in.  My motto for attending events or shows is to always dress UP and do not look down.

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