Q&A with a FA

It seems as if I always get the same questions related to being a flight attendant, travels, or life in general.

Based on questions gathered from my Instagram and Facebook community these were the most popular/repetitive questions that I am excited to honestly answer!

1. Who is your fashion icon?

I have a few fashion icons, but a lot of them are fake characters.  So one of my favorite television shows is Gossip Girl.   I am obsessed with Serena van der Woodson and Blair Waldorf’s style.  Both of their closets are GOALS and it is everything I wish my little non-rich heart could afford.

Other than my favorite materialistic show,  I love Audrey Hepburn and any classic fashion icon.  I’m also really into Meghan Markle’s style right now.  She really is my real life fashion inspiration now that she is in the spotlight.

Classy and mature, grunge and streetwear, and affordable chic clothing are my go-to styles.  Fashion has moods just like us.

2.  How do I pack so many outfits into a carry-on luggage with shoes, makeup, toiletries, and etc.?  And do you have liquid rules?

Fight attendants are issued a company tote and carry-on bag.  We are permitted any amount of liquid.  This is why you see some flight attendants with like 10 bags.  And truth be told,  they are probably just doing a one day trip.  Flight attendants have a mini CVS in their bag.

I also have to sit on my luggage a lot.  Not for fun.

Traveling for work gives us the opportunity to travel with as many liquids as we want.  If we travel out of uniform and not on the clock, then our liquid rules apply just as a regular paying passenger.

3.  How do you plan to pack for trips?

Okay, so depending on where I am going, I always have a PACKED suitcase.  I always do my research of the place by searching Instagram hashtags.  Sometimes I reach out to locals on Instagram and end up with my own private tour guide.  If its a tropical destination then its all about less clothing and more color, therefore it is easy to pack.  Winter destinations are so difficult to pack.  I have to be more strategic about sweaters, coats, and pants.  That is why you will notice I have a lot of neutral and plain colors with zero prints so the clothing can mix and match with everything.

4.  Where do you shop?

I love, love, LOVE shopping in Europe.  I have been spoiled by being able to shop in foreign countries with rich fabric and handcrafted leather goods from authentic markets.   I only shop on the sale rack because I would rather have money to explore than buy clothes.  I mean,  I would rather have them both though. Some of my favorite European stores are Bershka, Primark, and Mango.  And of course I love Zara and Asos.

5. What is your go-to luggage?

If you are looking for affordable luggage then I am not your girl.  My grandma spoiled me with a Tumi and I fell in love with its durability and classy style.  Then, the company I work for gifted us with more Tumi luggage.  Tumi is a great brand if you are willing to swipe that credit card.  So worth it!

6. How do you plan itineraries for short stays/long stays?

Since I am a girl with no seat, all of my trips are last minute.  Granted I do research places before I go,  I cannot exactly book accommodation until I get a seat confirmation.  This makes me nervous/hopeful there will be an accommodation option.

Therefore, I kind of just go with the flow when it comes to short trips.  I usually have an idea of where to go, but I do not have a set schedule when I get there.  I like to explore and walk into dark alleys and hope for a light at the end of the tunnel.

7. How do you get strangers to take your pictures?

This seems to be the question by popular demand.  For the record,  I do not have a personal, professional photographer who travels with me everywhere.  I wish I did though.  Any takers who won’t judge me for outfit changes and being bossy on the scene of my “photoshoot”?

Strangers are just people who probably want their photo taken as well, but are too afraid to ask.  What is comes down to is, honestly, judging a book by its cover.  I think this is totally acceptable;  Especially when they are holding your 7 plus baby in their hands.

This person is going to be in charge of my phone.  I am trusting a stranger to take these photos right?  Therefore, it is imperative I find the perfect stranger.  I eyeball other solo travelers, people with selfie sticks (because I know deep down they want someone to take their photo too), Asians (not to be racists, but they LOVE taking photos),  fashionable/creative looking people, teens who look tech savvy, and last, someone who looks like they speak English.

Although the language barrier can be difficult, people easily learn if you just SHOW them.  I usually leave the phone in their hands the exact angle and direction I want them to point in my direction.  I tell them to burst the crap out of my phone so I have options.  (Bursting is holding down that circle and it takes like 100 photos at a time as long as you keep holding it down).  I also make sure to thank them so much for doing a mini photoshoot.  Then I offer them the option of me taking their photo.

I am sure these people think I am crazy, but I know what I want when it comes to photos.  If they cannot get the picture right like I want it, then I look for the next stranger.  I feel less insecure asking a stranger to take my photos versus someone I know who I feel would judge me.

8. What are your makeup tricks for travel?

I usually do not wear a lot of makeup when I travel, especially to beachy or hot places.  I drink A LOT of water so my skin stays hydrated.  I really do not have any brands to promote except I have always been brand loyal to Lancôme and recently, Caudalie ‘night detox oil’.  I swear by this stuff.  It keeps my skin hydrated, acne free, and has this earthy smell to it, which I love.

9. What is it like to be a flight attendant?

Challenging.  It takes my whole being to be able to do this job lol.  It is mentally and physically exhausting at times.  You are the face of the company so any bad day you are having has to be let go once you enter that airport because these people do not pay for an attitude.  I am on reserve as well, which is the bottom of the food chain.  Reserve is just not easy and I do let it affect my emotions sometimes.  This job has taught me a lot about myself and allowed me to see the world.  I have been to places I never dreamed I would visit, so the perks are great.  Although this job is not for everyone,  this job will give you the opportunity to grow within yourself because it teaches you how to physically and mentally handle situations involving people.  You do not realize how much you gain from this job as far as communication, self-awareness, and marketing one self everyday.  You are the brand of not only the company, but also yourself.

 10. Is it hard to have a serious relationship?

I actually have not had a serious relationship since I became a flight attendant.  Like I mentioned in the previous question,  I am on reserve.  Therefore, it does not give a lot of flexibility or appropriate lifestyle.  Nor does it give me the ability to be a “yes” woman because I would rather sleep and be anti-social for four days after just flying with 400+ people.  This job has also made me even more independent than I was before I sold my soul to the company.  I don’t know.  Maybe I am making excuses. lol  But I am also choosing to go after what I want in this dream and if someone awesome comes along then great!

11. Were you ever afraid of flying?

I was never afraid of flying.  I was always fascinated by planes and the fact that a huge chunk of metal can float in the air.  Now that my office is actually in a plane,  I am more afraid of the germs and the nasty things I see everyday floating around in a big metal tube.  I contemplate parachuting out the window daily.

12. With many options available to you as a flight attendant when it comes to    hopping on a flight, what factors go into choosing where to fly next?

Okay first, I am super grateful I can literally just jump on a plane on my days off.  For me, traveling domestically is free; And when we travel international we only pay the departure tax.  BUT, let’s not forget we are standby.  We judge a flight a little differently than a regular paying passenger would most likely book a destination based on price.

The factors that go into deciding where to go is plane capacity, weather, days off, and safety.  If I wanted to go to Aruba and I see the flight only has 0 seats open with 5 people on standby then I look at other tropical destinations.

How many days I have off depends on where I should adventure to.  I like to give myself at least one day to get back to America in case cancellations, weather, or other crisis’s happen.  Weather also plays into days off as well.  If I only have four days to sunbathe and there is a 70% chance of rain everyday then why would I go there?

Safety comes into mind when picking a place to go because I usually travel solo a lot.  It is not like I do not like traveling with people, but no one usually has my schedule and I prefer to travel solo so I can go at my own pace and see everything I would like to see.

14.  Do you have to sign a contract to be a flight attendant?  

Depending on which airline you are hired on with,  we are not confined to a contract.  We can terminate at anytime.  I am pretty sure this is for all American carriers.  Just do your research because I know Emirates makes you sign a contract.

15.  Can this job be a side gig, like picking up a trip when you want to?

A lot of flight attendants treat this job as a side job.  Meaning, they have other passions/jobs they pursue on the side.  The flight attendant industry is funny.  You are actually being served by ex-nurses, ex-paralegals, ex-teachers, people with MBA’s and college degrees, as well as actors and models.  This job allows you to have the flexibly to do what you want to do as well as keep all the benefits to stay with the company.  This job is probably one of the most flexible jobs in the industry.  Depending on seniority and the longer you are with the company,  this job will allow you to have even more flexibility with time.

16.  Does the airline pay for your hotels and shuttles?

All airlines pay for your hotels and shuttles.  Per contract, we are required to stay at hotels that must be up to standard requirements.  For instance,  if we have a layover over 20+ hours then we must to be put downtown and not at an airport hotel.  We stay at some pretty fancy hotels and I am grateful for that!

17.  Could flight attendants land the plane if everyone in the cockpit was poisoned?

Alright. I will end this Q&A on this question because no, I personally did not go to flight school.  And I am pretty sure I would rather just be poisoned before trying to land a plane because I don’t trust my indecisive, Gemini self.  But for those flight attendants who are also in flight training as well,  kudos to you!

Thank you all for participating and sending in your questions! (:


2 thoughts on “Q&A with a FA

  1. 😂😂 at the last question

    I like your openness here. Nice to read how grateful you are for the opportunities you have as a flight attendant. The job definitely looks glamorous on IG with many FAs showing the high side of one day layovers and whatnot.

    Your approach to having strangers take your photo is one I’ll add to my memory. Do you usually exchange IG info with them after you take each other’s photos?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I just try and take advantage of as many opportunities with this career because you never know when life could switch on you. I am very thankful.

      I sometimes exchange IG info if our personality click. It depends on the person, but most of the time we are both just wanting the awkwardness to end. haha! Lucky I’ve been some perfect strangers though. (:


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